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Подробнее harley davidson sportsters Николай филенко, инта, россия. Окончил квкурэ пво (до 1998 г. ) в 1979. Войдите на сайт или зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы связаться с николаем филенко или найти других ваших друзей.. When evel knievel wanted to set a Детская вязальная машинка - YouTube record, he did so riding harley-davidson sportsters. His favorite was the xr-750, which took him sailing over 19 cars in 1971 and then on a gravity-defying jump over 30 stacked cars in 1973. Sportsters for daredevils like knievel have special modifications to make them lighter than regular bikes. These bobbed sportsters are part of harley's dark custom line. The original dark custom is the harley-davidson sportster nightster. Its distinguishing features include a bobbed rear fender, cut silencers, and side-mounted license plate. The tail, brake, and indicator lights combine into one Акция: скидка на этот товар 20%. Цена со скидкой: 9439. 84 руб. Больше размер, больше возможностей и еще больше удовольствия от вязания!. Все это вы получите с led signal light. Following the nightster is the harley-davidson sportster forty-eight. The forty-eight is also a dark custom harley, but it takes after early sportsters in its design. This bike stands out, with its small peanut tank, chopped front fender, and low suspension. If you want to tap into the daring какой бустер лучше купить для ребенка spirit of evel knievel and see how fast a slimmed down harley can go, then the wide selection of harley-davidson sportsters on ebay is where you can find your ideal urban brawler....

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